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Simple Wellness and Home Cleaning Products

What is a "Simple Product"? 


     A simple product is a product that contains the simplest, most natural, biodegradable ingredients, yet serves its purpose and delights the consumer.

Why do simple products matter?  Importance of Organic and Biodegradable

     Using simple, biodegreadable, organic products does not poison our planet.  Bulk products avoid plastic waste.  Most of the conventional products in single-use plastic that is in grocery stores harms our environment and wildlife.  In the past 50 years, we have driven 60% of species to the brink of extinction.  The ocean now contains more microplastic particles than fish, and 50% of insects are gone.

     By causing species to disappear, we are leaving gaps in the complicated and intricate biological web of life that has evolved on this planet over millennia.  If we destroy this, it will take millennia for it to recover, if it ever recovers at all.  We are privileged to live on this planet, amid the natural beauty, within this delicate web, this thin outer layer of habitat on the exterior of this earth, the only habitat we will ever have.  Yet we are destroying it every day by consuming products that contain toxins and are packaged in plastic, both of which contribute to the demise of the environment and life on our planet.

Simple Products are Better for You and for the Environment  

     If we all choose simple products and avoid complicated products with chemicals that are bad for the environment, we can reduce the amount of complicated products that are being made.  After all, if nobody buys these products, they will become obsolete and there won't be any point in making them at all, and the environment will be better for it, and our planet will get a chance to heal and recover.

Aspire Products are Simple     

     Aspire products do not contain unnecessary or toxic ingredients.  Personal care products are notorious for containing unnecessary fillers and ingredients that don't contribute to the effectiveness of the products.  In many cases, the additives are harmful for our bodies, harmful for the environment, and contribute yet more impact on our planet in terms of carbon footprint, pollution, and harm to wildlife, through the industrial manufacturing of the products.  Aspire strives to provide alternative products that help consumers break this ugly pattern.

How Can You Tell if Your Personal Care Choices are Safe?

     First, always read the ingredients on the products that you intend to apply to any part of your body before you buy them.  If you don't understand the ingredients, that's a bad sign, but you should at least search for information about them on the internet.  After all, if you plan to put anything on your body, you should understand what it is.  Our skin is our largest organ.  It is the first line of defense for toxins in our bodies, and it is there to protect everything inside us, so if we smear toxins on our skin, they can absorb through the skin, and poison our insides, leading to all manner of illnesses over time, including rashes, sores, and skin cancer.  

How Can Personal Care Products Hurt the Environment?  

     After they are used, these products go somewhere, they don't just disappear by magic.  For most of us, when we shower, brush our teeth or wash our hands, the products we use and rinse off go down the drain, and end up at the local wastewater treatment plant.  

     Wastewater treatment facilities are the final protective barrier between our wastewater and the environment, because they treat our wastewater before it is discharged to surface waters.  Wastewater treatment plants are typically biological treatment processes that employ specific microbes to consume the pollutants in wastewater, converting them into harmless materials.  However, chemicals that aren't natural and biodegradable may not be recognized as food by the microbes, and may "pass through" the wastewater process, to pollute the receiving water bodies.  Some of these pollutants can be removed, but only at great additional cost and energy.  It is far simpler and better for the environment to avoid using them entirely, by making wise consumer choices.

     If chemicals pass through the wastewater treatment plants into receiving waters like rivers, streams and oceans, they impact all the wildlife, the fish, the birds, the mammals and the insects, that depend on the water to survive.  How would you like it if you had to drink from a stream every day, and that stream always had toxins in it, from personal care products?  And, how would you like it if you were told that these toxins aren't even necessary for personal care?  Like a complex, synthetic blue dye, that makes the shampoo look nice in the bottle, but isn't needed to wash the hair?  If it's not needed, then why are we poisoning our environment with it?  Wouldn't it be so much simpler not to have it in the product at all?

     The manufacture of chemicals in personal care products also have a carbon footprint, when the ingredients are harvested, mined, or refined from petroleum, which in itself has a high carbon footprint.  When the raw ingredients are processed into the synthetic ingredients that are included in the products, there are toxic by-products that end up in the environment as waste from the industrial manufacturing facility.  For example, the blue dye mentioned above, is made with a complicated series of reactions, starting with petrochemicals, and these processes always involve additional ingredients, energy and waste in their very manufacture.

     Aspire uses the most basic ingredients in our products.  We do not use synthetic dyes, fragrances or fillers.  Aspire products are simple and natural.  Aspire products are effective and they work.  Aspire products do not harm our bodies or the environment when they are manufactured, used or disposed of.  Our products are good for us, and good for the environment.

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