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Aspire Shampoo

About Aspire Shampoo

            Like Aspire Colorado Gold Liquid Soap, Aspire Shampoo is made in the Castile fashion, using strong caustic and suitable oils.  For specifics on labelling and how the ingredients are used to make the shampoo, please see the notes about Colorado Gold Liquid Soap.  The main differences between the Colorado Gold Soap and our shampoo are the solids concentration and oil blend.  Compared to an all-purpose soap, shampoo should be thicker, so that it can be poured into the palm of your hand without running off.  Also, shampoo should be foamier than all-purpose soap, to help carry the oily buildup from the hair.  Another important difference is that Shampoo is milder, so that it's easier on your hair and scalp.  We finish our shampoo with soothing oils that are added after the saponification reaction is complete and the shampoo has been diluted to final solids content.  The result is that these final oils give the hair and scalp a light soothing finish.

Ingredients in Aspire Shampoo
  • Canola Oil.  Organic, sourced from U.S.A.
  • Safflower Oil.  Organic, sourced from Mexico.
  • Coconut Oil.  Organic, sourced from the Philipines.
  • Hemp Seed Oil.  Organic, sourced from Canada.

  • Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash).  Strong caustic, sourced from U.S.A.

  • Essential Oils for Scent.  We use a variety of essential oils, as listed on our labels.  Some of these are organic, and others are not.  We are moving towards 100% organic essential oils.  It's difficult to find sources of essential oils that are made in the U.S.A., but we are continuing to work on that.  We are making some essential oils in our Golden facility from our own organically-grown plants, but they are limited in volume and don’t make up a significant portion of the essential oils used in our products.

  • Castor Oil.  Not organic and no idea of source.  Supplier (Home Health Products, Ronkonkoma, NY) refused to disclose when asked.  We are no longer working with this supplier, and will switch to a more responsible source after our current supply is used up.

  • Vitamin E Oil.  Organic, sourced from Dr. Joe Lab through Amazon.  The origin country isn't available on their web site, and the contact button didn't work when I tried to find out, so in the future I will find a more responsible supplier who discloses their country information.  At least it's organic.

  • Marula Oil.  Organic, sourced from Namibia.

  • Water.  Sourced from Golden, Colorado.  Our shampoo is extremely concentrated, to the edge of a gel, and contains 76% water.  In Golden, we have the best water, since it flows directly down Clear Creek from its source, Saint Mary’s Glacier, high in the Rocky Mountains.  This is the same source of water used by the mighty Coors Brewery!  Also, by making the soap locally, we are saving 76% of the carbon footprint of transportation for common liquid soaps and detergents that are manufactured a great distance away, and then transported to big stores.

Ingredients That Aspire Avoids in Our Shampoo

            The ingredients we avoid in our shampoo are basically the same as those we avoid in our Colorado Gold liquid soap, so please refer to that section.

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