Reduce waste to landfill.  Aspire products are all available in bulk.  You can fill your own container with bulk personal care products, or purchase a packaged product the first time, and then refill it with bulk product when you run out.  Most personal care products are in packages that are intended for one-time use.  That is bad for you and for the environment.  Why is it bad for you?  The cost.  A bottle or tube, with label and cap, adds and average of $1 to the cost of products in 16 oz containers or less.  That's a lot of extra cost for the container, and can add up fast in a cart full of groceries.  Why is it bad for the environment?  The packages, whether glass, metal or plastic, don't break down in the environment, so they just pile up forever.  Only about 25% of plastic is currently recycled in the U.S., which consumes about 38 million tons/year of plastic annually.  Plastics are notorious for fragmenting into microplastics, which are polluting our waters and killing marine fisheries, when newly hatched fish fry mistake these tiny particles for food, and end up clogging their tiny digestive systems and dying.  This is insane and easy to stop, by replacing all our packaged products with bulk, refillable products.  If everybody in the U.S. did that, we would prevent around 10 - 20 billion containers from entering our landfills annually, including toothpaste tubes, deodorant containers, lotion bottles, dish and household soap bottles.  Now, that would be quite a big step in cleaning our environment.  We would also eliminate a lot of petrochemicals and pollution associated with manufacturing these containers, which is a huge part of the carbon footprint of plastic.

Reduce Waste. 

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