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The Woman Behind Aspire Colorado

Julie has long had a passion for minimizing her environmental footprint, collecting aluminum Coors beer cans for return to the Golden Goat as a 10-year-old.  She has never stopped recycling and is now proud to be a zero-waste household, as a result of purchasing only products that are either in bulk or in a recyclable container.  As a chemical engineer and water/wastewater environmental engineer, she has a strong knowledge of the environmental impacts of our personal care products, from production to use and ultimate disposal. Finding it difficult to find environmentally conscious products for basic personal care, such as toothpaste and deodorant, she began making products for herself and family members. She also went to a pure natural liquid soap for general household use, for a simpler, cleaner home and environment. These simple changes have played an important part of becoming a landfill-free household, and she would like to share these options with others, to provide a solution to make our environment cleaner, with the hope that others will follow suite and find solutions for other basic products, that we use every day. Julie holds a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s in Environmental Engineering, both from Colorado School of Mines.

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Julie Smith

Julie Smith is an Aspire Partner and Environmentalist

Aspire is Proud to be a Woman-Owned Company

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