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Education: Why Simple Bulk Wellness Products Matter


How can Aspire help clean up our environment?

Simple Organic Ingredients

     Do you know what's in your personal care products?  Do you know what's in your home cleaning products?  It seems that in this day and age we use products on our bodies without knowing what exactly is in them. Many personal care products contain fillers and ingredients that are truly not beneficial to the health of our bodies, and may be bad for us. It is important to understand that some of these ingredients have lasting implications for you and the environment. Ingredients that are biodegradable, organic and non-GMO are important, because the conventional synthetic ingredients in most products are poisoning our planet and killing our wildlife.  We offer basic tips to help educate you about personal and home care products.  More detail can be found on the Transparency page and in our blog.


      Aspire Colorado offers affordable personal care products and home cleaning products that you can trust! We believe in simple and natural ingredients. 

Bulk Refillable Products Eliminate Waste

     When you buy a product, do you think about how it's packaged, what kind of bottle it's in, if it can be refilled or recycled?  Our grocery stores are filled with products that are packaged in bottles, tubes and tubs that are meant to be disposable, thrown away after the product is used up.  This may seem "easy" to buy something and then throw away the packaging, but it's horrible for the environment.  Buying bulk and reusing our containers reduces waste to landfill, reduces your cost of the product, and avoids the energy and resources to keep manufacturing new containers.  Our personal care products make up about 30% of our plastic waste.  It doesn't have to be that way.  Check out the basic information here, and more detail can be found on our blog.

     Aspire products are packaged in recyclable, refillable containers.  Buy the package once, and then refill it when you use up the product.

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