Deodorants and Antiperspirants.  First, what is the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants?  Deodorants are meant to keep us from stinking, while antiperspirants are intended to prevent perspiration, or sweating, with the misguided perception that if we don't sweat, we won't stink.  The problem with antiperspirants is that we are absolutely supposed to sweat.  This is our body's way of cooling off our skin and releasing toxins from our bodies.  The sweat from our armpits is extremely important, because we have lymph nodes under our skin in our armpits, and this is a key point where they release fluids through the skin.  The last thing we want to do to our armpits is rub something in them that prevents these fluids from passing out of our bodies.  One of the scariest things in antiperspirant products is aluminum salt, available in different forms, such as aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorhydrate, etc.  Some products carry as much as 12.5% of this toxin, in a product that is meant to be used daily.