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Giving Back is Important to Aspire

Because Aspire's mission is to help clean up our environment, our community service and activism is focussed entirely on sustainability causes.

  • Colorado Environmental Film Festival - - An annual film festival held in Golden, Colorado, with a vast variety of environmental films.  In this past year, our 15th, we had over 200 submissions from more than 30 different countries around the world.  Aspire helps out with the festival, helping to find sponsors, exhibitors, including Aspire, advertising and, of course, judging the films.  This year, Julie chaired four Q&A sessions.


  • Activism in Packaging - Aspire avoids unneccessary plastic and bubble wrap in our shipping, and we ask our suppliers to do the same.  If we receive a shipment full of bubble wrap, we always tell the supplier in no uncertain terms that we don't want this in our packages.  Sometimes we can change suppliers, and sometimes it happens again, but we always apply that pressure.  It's important.  It's our planet.

  • Presentations and Workshops - Want to learn more about how you can reduce your single use plastic?  How to travel without leaving an endless stream of plastic trash in your wake?  How to climb and have outdoor adventures while avoiding waste?  Learn how to make your own sustainable personal care products?  Contact us!

  • Zero Energy - Aspire is a solar powered facility, so all our electricity is solar, and only electricity is used in making our products.  We are ultimately on a path to go completely off fossil fuels, by converting to all-electric heat and using an EV charged from our solar panels for deliveries.  This is in progress and will be in place by the end of this year.

  • Zero Waste - We have been a zero waste facility since we formed.  This means avoiding items that can't be recycled or reused when making purchasing decisions.  We have some collection boxes to help our neighbors recycle hard to recycle materials, and Julie is always available to answer questions about materials that are hard to recycle.  We also pick up trash to keep it out of the storm drains that run to Clear Creek.  Every bit helps!

  • Julie also does a lot of activism that aligns with her environmental blogging and writing.  To see more, visit

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