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  • Julie Smith

Buying Bulk in Colorado

Single-use containers are about 10% of our obscene carbon footprint in the U.S., if we include all the underlying impacts, such as land and energy to mine and log raw materials, energy of transportation, landfill space and associated methane emissions. This means that we can all help our planet a lot by buying bulk products. Yes, it takes a bit of initiative to find a source for bulk, but isn't our planet worth it? Start buying bulk, and see how much waste you can reduce. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how much money you can save by paying for the product without paying for a new container every time.

Stores that have Aspire bulk products are listed on the retailer page of the Aspire Colorado Website. A link to a wonderful article from Sustainable Jungle lists several Colorado bulk stores, with a short description of each store. Aspire is one of the stores listed, and Aspire products can be found in many of these stores! Check it out, and make a personal goal to reduce single-use containers by buying bulk! It's important.

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